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Hello! I am Marta and this is my blog.

My favorite F is a blog about my biggest passions: fitness (particularly Pilates), food and fashion.

You will find in my Blog recipes (Italian food, healthy and organic mostly), fashion suggestions or simply my favorite picks or impressions and some considerations about fitness. You will also find some Videos in the videos page, and if you really like the way I teach I can teach you a class on Skype so you don’t have to work out alone or you subscribe at my Youtube channel here. I am also available for suggestions to what to wear for specific occasions you might have. You can find out more info and details at this page.

Moving is vital for me, coming from a dance background, I’ve always had a strong connection with my body. I believe it’s important not only to stay healthy and in shape but also for the spirit.
I enjoy to mix up different workouts based on how I feel during the day or what my body requires.
I love Pilates and I am also a Pilates certified instructor, but I enjoy very much to do TRX, Barre and Yoga. I am always ready for a hike or other outdoor activities like SUP (stand up paddle board) or body board (if the ocean is clement!)
Some periods I am more active than others, when I am traveling I try to do my best and I have some workouts routines.
Hope you can enjoy my workouts and classes because what I love the most is to share my passion for a happy and healthy body!

Food has always been a family experience, I believe I cook because it makes me calm and it brings up some good memories of my childhood. I cook mostly Italian, regional dishes, mediterranean. Living in California and traveling in Asia gave me the opportunity to discover some more flavors that I sometimes replicate on my recipes. I’ve had the opportunity also as private chef for a while here in California, in Laguna Beach. In my blog you will find some recipes that I hope you will try at home.

I believe Italy is still the heart of fashion world. As Italian, style is very important to me. Style in the outfits but also in locations and places. I enjoy to go shopping with my girlfriends, especially in Italy, but often I buy through online websites. Here you can find my favorite pics, whatever be a moisturizer or a dress. Fashion is not about a particular brand of jeans or bag, it’s about style and the fun that you might get creating new style everyday and this is going to be a free space to share beauty!