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Hello! I am Marta and this is my blog.

My favorite F is a blog about my biggest passions: fitness (particularly Pilates), food and fashion.

You will find in my Blog recipes (Italian food, healthy and organic mostly), fashion suggestions or simply my favorite picks or impressions and some considerations about fitness.
You will also find some Videos in the videos page, and if you really like the way I teach I can teach you a class on Skype so you don’t have to work out alone or you subscribe at my Youtube channel here.
I am also available for suggestions to what to wear for specific occasions you might have.
You can find out more info and details at this page.

A little bit about Me

I am Italian from Padua, a city close to Venice in north east of Italy, and I’ve arrived to California in 2012 with my lifetime sweetheart, my husband Roberto. Since my complete change of lifestyle, I’ve been so grateful to dedicate  more time to what I love the most: Pilates, cooking and shopping!
I know what you are thinking…amazing no?! Well, it hasn’t been always so easy, living your country might be painful sometimes, and you need to adapt in a whole new world, not only a different language but a different culture too. It’s been also an opportunity to rethink about my work choices. So I’ve started a new life from my real passions that are always been movement, food and fashion and since I live abroad and sometimes I’d like to share the things that I do with my family and friends, I’ve thought to start a blog. Hope you enjoy it!

My favorite quotes are:

mens sana in corpore sano
Fashion fades, only styles remains the same
Noi siamo quello che mangiamo