2018 here we are! With the new year comes with new resolutions, most frequently improving your diet is one of them.

I don’t believe in diets or it would be more appropriate to say “I am in a diet since I realize what is food”. Suffering of many food issue like the IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and having many food intolerances, least but not last an allergy for shellfish, I’ve learned very soon how to read the famous body’s “signals”.

To listen to your body and feed your body with a healthy and balanced diet is more difficult in these stressful times and busy lives.

So, particularly in the land of fitness, of vegetarians and organic food, California, some food companies have evolved the grocery home delivery into ready-to-eat meals delivered to your house for the whole week or into baskets with the perfect ingredients for the recipes you are going to prepare.

Everybody is happy because there’s something for everyone: paleo diet, smoothie and soups, vegan, vegetarian, mediterranean, fusion, gluten free etc..

Me too, who I love to cook, I’ve been amazed by some of the options that I’ve found on social media like Facebook. The substantial difference with the classic home delivery of the meal is that these are subscriptions. You pick how many meals you want to receive and you pay every week, more or less.
In these days there are so many options like HungryRoot, Green Chef, Freshly, Blue Apron, Gobble etc.. You have just to see which one is available in your city.

Right now I’ve just looked more into these three:

Sun Basket

Daily Harvest


I honestly recommend Daily Harvest for people that don’t suffer of IBS like me. I can’t stand smoothies unless I prepare them myself. Soups seem ok, prices are fair, it’s less than $10 per meal.

I like Methodology: they do consider allergies/intolerances, the menu is interesting but it’s quite expensive. Starting at $13.99 per meal.

Sun Basket is in between the grocery home delivery and the ready-to-eat meal, like Blue Apron. They send you all the ingredients to prepare the meals that you choose from a wide variety of recipes, then you have to cook. They give you the recipe too. Useful for people who don’t know how to cook.
For me going to the grocery and choose the ingredients is part of the process of making food, so since I have to cook, better I do the grocery too. Prices are competitive, $11.99 per meal, because at the end of the day, you prepare the dish.

For a person with neither particular food allergies nor intolerances, who doesn’t have any interest in cooking or does have an interest in learning how to cook or to follow a diet without having the burden to think about about it, these are good options because:

you avoid to put yourself into random diets

you don’t starve yourself

you avoid eating everything you have in front of you

you quit buying unnecessary crappy food, full of sugars and fat.

At the end of the day, you want no stress and for some people, cooking is stressful, so it’s better if someone else is doing it for you, like your mom used to, right?

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