3 11, 2017


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Often people that exercises might get injured, regardless of the type of physical activity. Time ago I stretched the posterior tibialis (calf muscles) during a Barre class. Considering that even the minor injury is annoying but if you add fever and sore throat, it gets’ really annoying. Especially after debilitating influence, your body becomes your worst enemy. How to get back in the game quickly? The recovery is always difficult and frustrating because you lose days, weeks and you lose [...]

3 11, 2017


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I know it’s a strange title..I was reading an article from Elle magazine about the actress Jennifer Lawrence's workout during the shooting of one of the movie of X-men saga. Well, assuming that Jennifer Lawrence did this workout, the article promotes the method "the Feel good plan" which is therefore one ensemble of common sense rules such as: start your day with a walk/run outside of 20-30 min, 15 min of gluteus and legs routine, stretching should be part of [...]